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The Applicant should fill in sections 1 and 2  of the Classic Vehicle Declaration (RMS #1835). Please do not fill in or sign Section 3.  This is for the ACMC to fill in and sign as we are the Approved Organization and the Authorized person. The Primary club (ie your club) should simply stamp the lower right hand box to signify that the applicant is a bona fide member of your club and his or her vehicle is acceptable to your club. Without that stamp we will not process the application. The stamp should be legible for all to read as RMS are very strict on such things.

RMS insist that to start off CVS an AUVIS or Blue Slip must be obtained for the vehicle no matter what rego it is currently on. Not our rule, it comes from RMS.

If any of your fellow club members wish to register their vehicles on the CVS would you please ask them NOT to send us the original Blue Slip.  A photocopy is sufficient.  If they go astray in the mail they would need to go through the whole process and cost of obtaining one again.  Note also that they only last for 42 days so it requires prompt use of them.

All we need is the Classic Vehicle Declaration; a copy of the Blue Slip and a cheque, money order, or EFT receipt when they send these documents by post to PO Box 419 Bexley 2207.

The fee is $25 for the processing and we now ask for an extra $5 to cover Express Post return as there has been a spate of lost mail and the Express system gives us a number to trace the item plus a guarantee of next day delivery in most cases. So the total payable is $30.

You can: Pay by cheque or Money Order made out to ACMC and post to PO Box 419 Bexley NSW 2207 with the paperwork. OR

EFT funds to:

Bendigo Bank, Bexley Branch

A/C Name: ACMC NSW Ltd

BSB: 633-108

Acct Number: 157374299

Please ensure your EFT payment is adequately identified by using your Surname.


Terry Thompson  OAM

Chairman – ACMC NSW Ltd

0409 992 971